Organic soy

Soy is an amazing plant.


Soy is full of gluten, which is its main value. Because of this, soy became one of the most important products in vegetarian dishes and the main substitute for meat and dairy products.

Amino acid profile of soy protein is similar to the profile of high-quality beef. Furthermore, among legumes it stands out for its health and curative qualities.
Apart from proteins, soy contains a certain amount of fats and carbohydrates, water, fiber, dietary fiber and minerals. Mineral substances in soy are: magnesium, manganese, potassium, copper, nickel, phosphorus, cobalt, iron, iodine. Soy seed also includes vitamins, such as carotene, pantothenic acid, B vitamins, thiamine, choline, folic acid.

Chemical composition of soy milk is similar to breast milk and can filter out not just radiation, but also toxins from poisoning, it cleans the skin of the whole body – from face to hands.

Results of the study confirmed extremely high nutritional value of soy products and its beneficial health effects.

We grow this healthy product on our organic fields from non-GMO seeds breeded in Russia. We use the newest rice fields irrigation systems.

On our organic fields we harvest variety of soy “Vilana” with high protein content – 41% and oil content – 25%.

Our fields are the only ones, which are treated with organic preparations against pests. Every year, the number of entomophages increases, and that allows us to slowly decrease the rate of treatment of soy. Soy plants, grown on organic fields, do not have diseases and, therefore to do not require subsequent chemical treatment.

We receive European Organic certificate on yearly basis.

Soy is one of the few grains which leaves up to 170 kg of nitrogen per 1 ha of soil in one year. That happens due to organic growing technologies using “Rizotorphin”.

High quality “Rizotorphin” produced in Sankt-Petersburg helps to create symbiotrophic mechanism. This mechanism can support plant and store nitrogen from the air in the soil. This treatment allows to grow strong and healthy plant and gives an increase in yield up to 100%.

Soy yield in year 2021 received European “Organic Standard” certification.

Soy cultivation technology is very labour-intensive. At our enterprise we carry out the whole producing cycle from our own organic seed and automated soil treatment to harvesting, peeling and grain sorting.

You can purchase organic soy:
25 kg. bag – 70 rub./kg
For more detailed information about packing soy in big-bags please contact us:
mob. 8 (86146) 2-16-07, 8 (918) 43-47-182

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