More than 18 years ago two science candidates developed a brand new technology for rice crop rotation.

Our manufacture is an example of small one-field family business developing to a company, which owns 1000 ha of land along with private storage warehouses, constructed exclusively for organic goods, and which is able to process, peel and pack grain.

We represent one of the few enterprises, which use non-herbicidal, internationally certified biotechnologies in our production.

We've been fully certified on organic standards, and can manage growing, peeling and packaging rice without any herbicides and chemical fertilizers.

We can guarantee the high-level quality of our product.


Taking of each individual person’s health and also popularization of clear Kuban products.


More than 25 years of scientific researches and successful experience in technology of crops growing lead to creation of eco-products.
Our business includes the whole cycle of production, from grain cultivation to packaging

We grow crops:

  • organic rice and soy
  • wheat
  • alfalfa and rapeseeds
  • successful use of rizotorphin
  • Rice cultivation is carried out according to our own patented technology.

  • We work under full control of international agricultural certification authorities.

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Mob. 8(86146) 2-16-07 , 8(918) 43-47-182
Work hours: Monday – Tuesday 8a.m.- 5p.m.

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Email: nauka_plus@mail.ru

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Our office is located in Russia, Krasnodar Region, Slavyansk-on-Kuban, Proletarskaya st. 9.