Soy is first of all a whole set different complicated agricultural processes. That is why it is so important to use “Rizotorphin” in growing soy.
Since year 2011 we have been using a strain of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, taken from our Kuban soy fields. Furthermore, there is “Rizotorphin” created specially for variety called “Vilana”. Preparation is manufactured in February of current year, its quality is guaranteed, there are peat and liquid forms. With the proper treatment with “Rizotorphin”, during the phase of primordial leafs nodules are formed as bumps on the roots of plants.
“Rizotorphin” significantly increases the yield and is 10 times cheaper than fertilizers. Any detail about treating soy with rhizobium you can clarify by the phone: 8-918-4347182

Any questions? Our expert will be happy to help you and explain everything