Organic rice
We grow Russian medium-grain variety of rice called “Regul”.
Its grown in floodplain area on the left bank of river Kuban. The lands are fully certified on international Organic standard. The water for our rice comes directly from river Kuban and has full documentation from environmental laboratories, proving it is clean and suitable for using in agriculture.
Our organic rice got international European certificate multiple times.

granddaughter of the founders of the company

My family has been growing ecologically-clear rice for many years.

Our main mission is not just popularization of clear Kuban products, but also reducing environmental burden and taking of each individual person’s health.
"Clear rice"

We will be glad to offer you our organic polished and unpolished cereals, grown, peeled and packaged in a family production, taking into account the requirements of the international Organic certification.

Any questions? Our expert will be happy to help you and explain everything